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Chief Instructor Master Colin Larkin

I started my career in martial arts at school where I took up Judo and achieved 3rd Kyu green belt.

1973 was the boom of martial arts when the legendary Bruce Lee came onto the scene in his Kung Fu movies, he opened the world to a new martial art which I just had to try, unfortunately there being no club/dojo’s in my area apart from a Taekwondo club a Korean martial art, which was the closest I could find to the style Bruce Lee was performing / demonstrating.

So I started at a local Taekwondo club in February 1974 until 1979 achieving 1st Kup Red belt Black tag.

1976 Kent Kyorugi sparring Championships awarded 2nd place Silver medal.

1977 National UK British Taekwondo Kyorugi sparring Championships awarded 1st place Champion Gold medal.

Due to family commitments I gave up my training until December 2006 when I then studied Kendo &  Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) achieving 1st Kyu level.

My love for the martial arts has been a huge part of my life, Finally I returned to Taekwondo in 2014 and achieved my 1st Dan in October 2015; after which I qualified as an instructor registered with British Taekwondo, the national governing body in the UK, and have since gained many other qualifications.

Current Qualifications & Certificates: 

3rd DAN black belt, DBS checked Registered/Insured Instructor, 1st 4sport level 2 Sports Coach, National Poomsae competition judge, UK coaching Safeguarding & Protection of Children, Educare Safeguarding in sport level 2, 1st Aid QA level 3.

I set myself a personal challenge to compete again at the National UK British Taekwondo Championships in 2017 and took 2nd place Silver medal in the veterans class.

July 7th 2019 I competed in the 1st Kinder Scout Open Poomsae Championships and took 3rd place Bronze medal in the under 65 individual category.

October 6th 2019 2nd Manchester Open Poomsae Championships, 2nd place Silver medal in the under 65 individual category.

November 30th Dec 1st 2019 British Taekwondo National Poomsae Championships, 3rd place Bronze medal in the under 65 individual category

March 8th 2020 Harrogate 4th Mayor Cup Open Poomsae Championships, 2nd place Silver medal in the under 65 individual category.

July 3rd – 5th 2020 Virtual Range open Poomsae & Para Poomsae Championships, open world event 3rd place Bronze medal under 65 individual category.

My aim is to pass on the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years to new student’s, helping them to achieve their own personal goals whether it is as an instructor or a competitor or just a healthier fit lifestyle.

The limitations of success or achievement are only that which you believe you are capable of

Set your goals and believe in yourself and you will succeed.